Office facilities for you -
your group or your company

We have available a conference room in the Centre, which will seat approximately 12 round a table or up to around 30 if arranged 'theatre-style'. The facility is available to be booked either by community groups or commercial organisations. We also have video conferencing facilities in a second meeting room. Room bookings can be taken either for daytime or for evening sessions. For all room bookings, the staff of our small café will be delighted to offer catering services – teas, coffees, simple lunches either in the meeting room or in the café itself if preferred.

When the conference room is not booked, our bank of six PCs is available for use by individuals, who want to get online to check emails or access the web. Use of the computers to access the internet is charged out at £1 for 30 minutes, or at discounted rates for longer periods. We also offer wireless internet access (the first 15 minutes are free-of-charge) for those who have their own laptops, tablets or phones.

Please buy your ticket for internet access in the café. Tickets last for a week and a fair usage policy does apply – especially in relation to downloads.

Visitors should understand that broadband speeds available in the isle of North Uist are significantly restricted, compared with mainland cities.

In addition to the meeting room and internet facilities, we also offer general office services for individuals, groups or commercial organisations. These include typing, printing, colour photocopying, use of the fax machine, paper guillotine and similar services. Use of these services is charged at or near cost, to encourage their use and make them available to those who might otherwise not be able to access them. Please ask at the office, call us or send us an email for more details.

Office Facilites

Our Office highlights

  • Meeting/conference room for up to 30 people
  • Video conferencing
  • Internet access
  • Office support, including typing and copying
  • Highly competitive rates